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Long regarded as one of the most prominent and prestigious publishing houses in the Arab World, Dar El-Shorouk's name has always been associated with integrity, quality, free thought and creativity.


Dar El-Shorouk was established in 1968 by Mohamed El Moallem, one of the founding fathers of independent modern publishing in Egypt and the Arab World, who started his publishing career in the 1940s.

Dar El-Shorouk has continued to champion principles of diversity, freedom of thought, professional excellence and continuous innovation, while maintaining international standards. Ibrahim El Moallem managed the day-to-day operations of publishing and printing and started an ambitious plan of expansion and modernization. Recruiting some of the best talents in the areas of publishing, printing, management and art direction, he was able to multiply Dar El-Shorouk's initial Capital 200 folds and sales 50 folds in two decades.

Dar El-Shorouk boasts the region's most distinctive list of award-winning titles and authors, many of them legendary thinkers, literary figures and statesmen. It is the only Arab publisher which publishes exclusively works by two Arab Nobel Prize laureates: Naguib Mahfouz and Ahmed Zewail. It is also the only Arab publisher with numerous international awards and prizes in the field of children's books.


Throughout its history, Dar El-Shorouk, has made it one of its missions to scout and promote new talented authors and artists, offering them a wider audience and media coverage, in an effort to create and maintain children's books that represent the identity of the reader and enforce a sense of national and cultural pride.

This same goal is addressed by also providing the Arab and Egyptian child with Arabic editions of books representing other cultures with the intent of asserting that the world is indeed a global village and that knowledge of what other cultures write and read will serve to bridge some of the gaps existing between cultures in these turbulent times. Thus it has working relationships with various publishers from around the world. Since the 1970s Dar El-Shorouk has established strong strategic alliances with a select number of distinguished foreign publishers of children's books. These include DK, Usborne, Watts Publishing (UK), Scholastic, PenguinUS (USA), Nathan (France), Kodansha (Japan), Fabri Editori, Edizione Piemme, La Coccinella (Italy), Gyldendal (Norway), Dominique et Compagnie (Canada), and many others.

Dar El-Shorouk is driven by its passionate belief in the impact of publishing in uplifting many of the current woes of Arab society. El Moallem has almost single-handedly successfully initiated, implemented, and/or followed-up a number of high profile local, regional and international publishing events, in the service of introducing and promoting Arab culture and cross-cultural understanding through publishing.

The election of Ibrahim El Moallem as president of the Egyptian Publishers Association and later president of the Arab Publishers Association was a result of his continuous and passionate efforts towards the advancement of the profession.

His management capabilities were vital to the success of the Arab World representation, as guest of Honor, at the 2004 Frankfurt Book Fair stands out among these achievements.

The initiation of the representation of the exhibition of Arab Illustrators of Children's Books at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, and the huge success of this event, which was attended by Egypt's First Lady, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, in 2002 is further proof.

  • Dar El-Shorouk has a long experience in supplying and customizing books for the Ministries of Education all over the Arab World, e.g. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Tunisia, Sudan, and Iraq.
  • Dar El-Shorouk has published the "Ethics" books commissioned by the Egyptian MOE.
  • Shorouk Press has been, for more than 20 years now, one of the main printers of MOE school books (over 15 million books per annum).
  • It has also printed the Iraqi MOE books in association with UNICEF and UNDP in 2004 and delivered them to all Iraqi governorates.
  • Dar El-Shorouk has recently executed 58 school titles in the first phase of the SLEP section of the Egyptian NBP.


With over 4,000 titles to its name, Dar El-Shorouk has gained the reputation over the years as one of the leading publishers in both scholarly and general interest books with special strengths in literature, current affairs, history, politics, art books and especially children's books. The publishing house is the leading among several companies that comprise the Shorouk Group, which has grown to become a wide-ranging media enterprise:

  • National Printing Company: The largest printing plant in the Egyptian private sector in terms of annual turnover and capacity. Specializes in printing of books and magazines, and packaging. It is the only national press to obtain the ISO and the HACCP accreditation, and its products and services are exported to Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Egyptian Company for Arab and International Publishing: Established Al Kotob Weghat Nazar magazine in 1999 along the lines of the New York Review of Books to become the premier intellectual magazine in the Arabic language. As the only journal to offer in-depth coverage of the latest and most important national and international publications, Weghat Nazar is highly acclaimed and respected all over the Arab world.
  • Sunflower Books: A young dynamic publisher specialized in children's books, mainly high-quality English children' s books written by the native English authors, but dealing with topics reflecting a relevance to Arab culture. By focusing on stories, knowledge and anecdotes from the Arab World and the East in general, Sunflower Books aims to provide the English language reader with a balanced insight into this part of our world.
  • CLIP Solutions provides a link between content owners and the latest formats of digital media. Focused e-publishing in the Arabic language and multi-media production including DVD production, it is also the only provider of Digital Rights Management in Egypt and Windows Media Service.
  • United Media Production specializes in the production and distribution of cultural television and video programs and documentaries and material in all kinds of digital forms.

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